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Cleaning Chemicals and Detergents

We supply wide range of cleaning chemicals and detergents to hotels, restaurants, industries, bakeries, laundries, clinics etc.

Our detergents give high performance in grease cutting against the toughest baked-on food deposits.

Heavy duty multipurpose degreaser gives perfect removal of grease stains from kitchen equipments. Its advanced formula protects stainless steel from blackening and will not damage melamine.

Our scale remover formulation removes lime film, iron stains and scale on many washable surfaces.


Our pine disinfectant contains a blend of bactericides with pine perfumes. Our disinfectant range includes other frangrances like rose, lemon, apple etc which not only gives disinfection for toilet and floor areas, but also provides a range of distinct pleasant aroma.

House-Hold Accessories

We have a wide range of cleaning accessories like brooms, wipers, brushes, mops, squeezers, scrubbing pads and sponges, stainless steel scrubbers etc.

Hotel Amenities

Items like mini soaps, mini shampoo, body lotion, bath gel, conditioner, dental kit, facial tissues, hand towels, toilet rolls, table napkins, jumbo rolls in different sizes and packings are our main range of items.

Laundry Products

Laundry detergents, soda ash, bleaches, sour and softners, starch, dry cleaning solvents, spotting chemicals, abaya shampoos, plastic rolls, hangers etc are our laundry product ranges.

Tissues & Disposable

Our facial tissues, 'High in Softness, Strength and Hygiene', are available in bundles as well as in carton packings. We undertake special orders in printing brand logos on tissue items based on our customer's requirement. Our product range includes disposable items like plastic and aluminium containers, spoons, knifes, forks etc.